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Q&A with Pinup Model Maribel Babydoll!

Melody F

Posted on September 15 2014


Today we feature our Lovely and original pinup girl Maribel Babydoll. We simply adore working with her and are in love with her unique vintage look. What do we love even more? Her personality, which is just as beautiful as she is on the outside! Read on and get to know Maribel!

DEMI LOON: We know you're a cool chic and have such a great personality but most people don't get to meet you in person. What do you wish people knew about you that they can't see in pictures?
MARIBEL TORRES: It would have to be that I am actually a very quiet and sensitive person. The people that get to see the outgoing part of me are ones that I am really comfortable with. I am pretty down-to-earth and the simple things in life make me happy. I do not dress like I do in my photos in "regular" life. I am laid back. I love jeans and band tees. I am either wearing flip flops or Chucks. I only wear heels if I have to. I do not like lipstick and prefer lip balm.
DEMI LOON: How did you first get started with modeling?
MARIBEL TORRES: I initially started with a clothing company that I was involved with for a few years. I then became a freelance model. I have been lucky enough to work with some great companies and photographers. It's been almost 7 years that I have been doing what I love. It's awesome.
DEMI LOON: What model or models inspire you (either current or from the past)?
MARIBEL TORRES: I am a total fan of the 60's bombshells. I adore Bridgette Bardot's style. I love Bettie Page's edge. I try channeling that as best as I can.
DEMI LOON: Some of your shoots are risque, do you ever get nervous? What do you do to prep or calm your nerves.
MARIBEL TORRES: I do get nervous sometimes, especially if I am working with a photographer I have not worked with before. But, when I model, I am not me. To me, that is my alter-ego. It is the time I am not a Mommy or student. It's an artistic outlet for me and I get to play a character. It's almost like therapy. It relaxes me and makes me happy.
DEMI LOON: Have you ever had any strange or creepy modeling requests that you passed on? Or any that you actually did?
MARIBEL TORRES: Of course I have. I have turned down plenty. I have considered many, but have not done any...yet.
DEMI LOON: What is your perfect date night?
MARIBEL TORRES: A night at a dive bar with an awesome selection of craft beers and a 60s rock cover band.
DEMI LOON: What is your favorite music to listen to while shooting? Who is your favorite band?
MARIBEL TORRES: I love listening to classic rock and metal while shooting. Well, I like listening to it even when I'm not shooting. I can't say I have a favorite band, because I love so many. I couldn't just narrow it down to one.
DEMI LOON: So we obviously follow your instagram feed @maribelbabydoll. You always post craft beers and yummy food, how do you stay in shape?
MARIBEL TORRES: I laugh when people ask me that question. Unfortunately, I do not work out, although I know I totally should. I live in a two-story house and I'm up and down the stairs all day. At school I only take the stairs. No elevators. I also park far at school so I have to walk further to class. Once in a while, I'll get the itch to actually work out and I usually just run on the treadmill a couple miles a day. Otherwise, I think I just might have good genes.
DEMI LOON: Besides modeling is there another career or school going on?
MARIBEL TORRES: I am currently a full-time college student majoring in Administration of Justice. I am due to graduate with an associate degree this upcoming spring. Eventually, my goal is to work in forensics in the future.
DEMI LOON: Any pet peeves you have when you do a photoshoot? (I apologize in advance if we have done any of them :-) )
MARIBEL TORRES: Are you kidding? Demi Loon shoots are some of my favorite shoots! I always look forward to shooting with you guys. You guys are considerate and fun. :)
I don't have any particular peeves during a photoshoot. I do dislike it when photographers do not return photos to me in a timely manner or do not give me photos at all. It is a sure way to get on my sh*t list.
DEMI LOON: What are your favorite types of shoots?
MARIBEL TORRES: I love working with clothing companies. -wink- I like doing all kinds of shoots. I like to be versatile. My favorite types would have to be fashion and editorial-type shoots. I feel like there is more creativity involved. I do a lot of "sexy" shoots but I prefer doing "clothed" shoots. I believe you can make clothes look sexy just as much as lingerie.
DEMI LOON: Do you get hit on a lot by your social media followers? Have you ever dated any of them?
MARIBEL TORRES: Oh my gosh, yes. And, no, I have not and will not date them. If I date someone, it would have to be someone that knows me first and not someone that knows me as a model. If that makes sense at all.
DEMI LOON: So I'd like to end this by saying we at Demi Loon love you and are so happy to work with you! Do you have anything else to add?
MARIBEL TORRES: It would have to be awwww. I love you guys too and I LOVE working with you as well! I am proud to be a part of your company and always look forward to the goodies you create. Thank you!
We love you Maribel, Stay Foxy and see you at our next shoot! xoxo

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