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Interview with "That Pinup"

Team Demi

Posted on October 06 2018

Sophia Florence of "That Pinup" interviews our CEO Monika Quintero on how Demi Loon became the Pinup & Alternative clothing brand it is today.



Nursing Student To Fashion Designer: Monika Quintero Talks About How She Started Her Million Dollar Alternative Fashion Empire

I chatted with Monika Quintero (Pictured below) owner and CEO of Demi Loon and Rodeofox, Demi Loon is more on the alternative Gothic/Pinup fashion brand While Rodeofox is more on the Country Boho side. To get to know more about her brand and how she started her Million Dollar Alternative fashion empire:
Monika Quintero Demi Loon Pinup Clothing Owner Designer
How did you become interested in pin-up fashion? .......
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