Gothic Pinup Tees to Lust For

I love a good modified could i not? Its how Demi Loon was born. Slashing my way one vintage tee at a time until I started designing my own.

Last season we debuted our Nashville Rose tees in slashed styles. This season we have added corseting in the front for a gothic glam meets cowgirl gypsy look. What else did I discover this season???...Wigs! and I love, love...they feed my alter ego and I'm perfectly fine with that.

Gothic Pinup Tees

 We are keeping our unslashed versions going in Red/Black & Black/Red for the purists that want a casual look without any mods.

Gothic Pinup Goth TShirt Tee

And if your little heart desires a mixture of plain plus modified then we have our solid black tees without graphics with added corseting that makes for a posh nu goth look. Our black corset tees are literally perfect go to for a night out, concert top or as a festival top, we have them in long sleeve, short sleeve and tank styles.

black Gothic pinup corset Demi Loon alternative clothing

The adjustable lacing makes for an easy fit and we made sure to get all sizes in through 3x. There's something witchy and gothy and vampy about our mood this Halloween season (by 'our' i mean myself and my platinum blonde alter-ego) and we are loving the vibe. ;)