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The Story

Demi Loon reflects vintage glamour with a dash of modern vamp. We focus on a tailored fit and timeless pieces which are carefully constructed with premium fabrics. We are proudly made in the USA | Los Angeles, California. 
Designer and CEO Monika Quintero draws inspiration from Los Angeles culture, eclectic fashion, art, and music. Monika founded the brand in 2012 and has proudly kept the brand American made while supporting local businesses. Designs, artwork, and custom textiles are created in the House of Demi Loon with patterns being meticulously crafted by Monika's mother, Silvia Quintero.

“We Break Hearts Just For Fun” has become our tagline because when you put on a Demi Loon design you step into instant confidence with heart-breaker killer vamp attitude. Our team works together to bring chic & sexy pinup styles into your closet. Demi Loon is a lifestyle, Demi Loon = Pinup. We have a love affair with Demi Loon and we thank all of you who love it too!

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The Doll Collection

Monika CEO Demiu Loon Pinup Clothing


This Meet Monika Founder & CEO of Demi Loon. Always on the go running Demi Loon headquarters, designing & drawing new magical creations

Diana Quintero Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


This classic beauty never misses a pose. She is a classic pinup model and we love our fun retro shoots with her. Maribel has been our constant go-to for many of our collections. We are literally in love with her.

Diana Quintero Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


This blonde bombshell is the founder's sister and handles Vendor Relations for Demi Loon. When she's not hard at work you can surely find her at the beach pretty much any day of the week.

Mickey Collins Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


This girl is our Baby Betty Page, she has a killer gaze and unique look we love. Mickey was our pick for our Broken Doll collection. Find her in our Ad in the November 2016 issue of Inked Magazine.

Kiersten Hall Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


We love Kiersten's energy and we want to get lost in the aqua blue ocean of her eyes. She is as beautiful as she is charming with multiple talents in acting, singing, and of course killing it at photoshoots.

Darcy Tarrin Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


This is one hot makeup artist and model. She does an amazing job at dolling the models up and is a great model herself. She is Diana's childhood friend and our resident inked model. Beautiful and one of the most genuine people you can ever meet!

Jenny Hall  Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


Jenny is a perfectly petite pinup doll. She is sweet as can be with an edge we love. She has a classically beautiful look. We love her total look and her dark hair contrasting her beautiful pale skin painted with beautifully delicate ink.

Kat La Sax the meddlers marilyn Jimenez Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


Her killer green eyes and bodacious bombshell curves caught our attention. Marilyn also known as Kat La Sax is also a singer/ bad ass saxaphone player for her band The Meddlers. Multi-talented and beautiful.

Carolina Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


Smart and beautiful, Carolina is a singer/songwriter currently in the band "Gears" producing her magical music. gearsmusic.com

Lupe Lupaaay Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


We found this lavendar hair beauty on instagram after searching for purple hair. She is a hairstylist by trade but we tried her out and we fell in love with her look! Catch her in our ad for Jan/Feb issue of Inked Mag!

lady lipstick Sarah gordon pinup model Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing

Sarah Gordon aka "Lady Lipstick"

Is our brand ambassador for 2016 and a professional Pinup Model. This giving gal is a nurse and also hosts, competes and wins several pinup competitions! We love the true vintage pinup look Sarah brings to our brand!

Ashley Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


We fell in love Ashley's Platinum Blonde to pink hair and icy blue eyes. Her edgy vibe is perfect for our graphics collection. This girl can't take a bad picture she is simply stunning.

Hannah Weinstein Demi Loon Pinup Girl clothing


Her million dollar smile won us over. Hannah is a wild child with dangerous curves. Find her in our ad in August 2016 issue of Inked Magazine.

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